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Daymond John: While working from home, 'take the time to reinvest in yourself'

John Lamparski

Just like millions of other Americans, "Shark Tank" star and entrepreneur Daymond John and his employees are working from during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"I am restructuring how my business can be proficient without having people in the office," John, who is CEO of The Shark Group and FUBU, told CNBC Make It.

But John's days are also spent setting goals, and with the extra time he has without a commute, learning new things. "I am educating myself on platforms, such as Zoom and TikTok," he says, so that he can increase engagement on his various social media platforms. 

Spending time with his family and staying active are also priorities for John. 

And as he is, John says everyone should use this time "to reinvest in yourself" and foster personal growth.

For example, John says to continue setting personal and career goals – even if you "don't know where your career will be," he said. 

"If [you] are saving three hours or four hours of turnaround time having to go back and forth to work, because now you're staying at home, don't take those three or four hours and use them as a Saturday," John said, "or play video games or watch stupid things on TV."

Instead, use half of that time to "set a goal," he says. 

Maybe you want to do do a podcast or better educate yourself about all things digital, John says — anything that would support your career is worthwhile. 

"You have this opportunity. Set those personal goals for yourself."

John has been setting goals since he was just 16

"I would write [my goals] down and read them every single night before I go to bed, every single morning when I woke up," he told CNBC Make It. "I actually became the man that I thought I would be by the age of 30 by reading them."

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How I Made It: Daymond John and the Power of Broke
How I Made It: Daymond John and the Power of Broke