Credit Suisse is 'convinced' market now offers 'attractive value' and gave clients a buy list

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With stocks rallying for a third straight day, and with the $2 trillion stimulus bill on its way to the House, Credit Suisse believes the worst of the market rout may now be over.

"We have become more confident that the economic fallout from this crisis can be contained to a sharp but temporary contraction, followed by a recovery later in the year," the firm said in a note to clients Wednesday.

In expectation of a coming recovery, the firm said it's moving stocks to a small overweight position. "On a 6–12 month horizon, we feel convinced that equities offer attractive value," the note said.

Credit Suisse identified 10 investment ideas that offer upside amid the COVID-19 outbreak, including "edutainment" and health-tech names, as well as "bombed-out" high conviction stocks and defensive dividend stocks.