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Kelly Evans: College grads, don't despair

CNBC's Kelly Evans

The numbers are starting to get a little better. New York just reported fewer coronavirus deaths on Sunday than on the day before, the first time that's happened. The main model used by the government, the IMHE model, predicted three times as many Covid hospitalizations as New York actually had as of Thursday, more than double what Florida reported, and more than ten times what Texas had that day. 

Don't get me wrong, this will still be the deadliest U.S. week for coronavirus. But if that holds (and we get more tests and we all keep doing all the necessary measures), it means next week will be a tiny bit less bad, and the week after, and so forth. Either way, we aren't going right back to "normal." So I can imagine how frustrated and scared college seniors about to enter the paralyzed workforce feel right now.  

But if you're one of them, I want you to know: graduating into a bull market isn't all it's cracked up to be, either. I graduated in 2007, and there was hardly a guy I knew on campus who wasn't planning on being an investment banker. Close friends of mine who thought they wanted to pursue other paths instead found themselves sucked into the business major and, ultimately, into bulge bracket Wall Street banks in jobs from sales to brokerage to HR.  

Fast forward eighteen months, and an alarmingly high number of them had been laid off in the wake of the financial crisis or they'd left of their own volition, wondering how they'd gone so astray. A friend of mine wound up going back to her original passion: medicine. I'm sure it didn't feel great for awhile when she had to go back and take classes at her local community college while living with her parents in order to get her nursing degree. But a decade later, she's a pediatric nurse at one of the best hospitals in the country, and a happily married mom.  

By the way, I only had an internship when I graduated from college. And I only got hired from it because I was on the real estate and economy beat just as the financial crisis hit, and they needed extra hands to cover it. Take whatever you can get right now. And if you can't get anything in your chosen field, remember it's a bull market for coronavirus right now, and maybe there's something you can do to help out and gain a little work experience at the same time. Get creative. Offer your services. The whole world is leaning heavily on tech right now, and young people are the most literate in it. You don't think social media is a skill? Trust me, it is. Make yourself useful to someone in crisis, and the pay will ultimately take care of itself.  

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