Stuck at home? Tackle 1 simple financial task


If tackling a huge project feels overwhelming right now, that's OK. There are still small tasks you can accomplish every day that will leave you feeling productive — and help get your finances in shape.

CNBC Make It will post a new financial task to tackle each day for the next 30 days. These are all meant to be simple, time-sensitive activities to take your mind off of the news for a moment and, hopefully, put you on sturdier financial footing.

Up first: Take some time to write down what you're spending more money on now, what you're spending less on and how you'd ideally like to spend your money. This will help you get a handle on what your priorities are now, and if — and how — they've changed from more normal circumstances. 

Spend intentionally

Consumers' spending has changed dramatically over the past few weeks, Lindsay Sacknoff, head of consumer deposits, products and payments at TD Bank, tells CNBC Make It. More money is going toward essentials like groceries, while travel and entertainment expenses are decreasing.

That's why, Sacknoff says, you should take a few minutes to review your bank statement and credit card purchases to see how you've spent money over the past few weeks. If it's changed, ask yourself if it's still in line with your priorities and larger goals so you don't find yourself in a potentially more stressful situation in a month or two months.

"You might expect that you'd be less likely to make impulse purchases, but in the world of online shopping and single click check out, it's a good idea to be thoughtful so you're not surprised by your account balance," says Sacknoff. "Especially if you're one of the many Americans facing a potential interruption in income, it's an important time to be thoughtful about spending smartly and saving when possible."

Perhaps you've realized that spending more on groceries or other essentials has made a positive difference in your life. That could inspire a more permanent shift in how you spend your money going forward as well.

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