CNBC's market experts discuss the turmoil and road ahead


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CNBC PRO members on Thursday joined an exclusive live conference call with our experts to dig deeper into the historic market turmoil and where stocks are headed.   

With unprecedented and swift actions by the Federal Reserve and Congress, stocks bounced back violently from their lows in the depths of the coronavirus crisis. Still, it doesn't mean it's smooth sailing from here for the market that is increasingly overvalued.

In the exclusive live PRO Talk, CNBC's market experts Bob Pisani, Michael Santoli and Dominic Chu answered a slew of top-of-mind questions from PRO subscribers.

CNBC's experts broke down what the way out of the downturn may look like — whether it will be a W-  U- or V-shaped recovery ahead. They also discussed how a secular shift in the global economy post-pandemic could influence the investing world.

Big Tech's dominance in the stock market was also a hot topic. The biggest U.S. technology companies including Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix have led the market rebound as investors bet on their resilient businesses in the wake of the coronavirus. However, the leadership raised the question if the market has grown too reliant on those tech giants whose upside could be limited. 

Additionally, our market experts discussed the possible changes in Washington with the 2020 presidential election looming. Stocks could see a material impact depending on the outcome, especially if the corporate tax cuts were reversed.

Pro subscribers can listen to the full audio replay below.