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Bethenny Frankel: If I had to start a side hustle now to make extra money, this is what I'd do

Matt Winkelmeyer

Entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel says being super organized enhances productivity – especially while working from home amid the pandemic.

"I am completely obsessed with and very passionate about being organized in every area of my life and home," the Skinnygirl and BStrong founder tells CNBC Make It.

And "organizing every inch of people's lives" is exactly what she would do if she needed a side hustle to make some extra money right now, she says. 

Similar to a life-coach but with more of a focus on organization – Frankel says she would teach others to do what she does personally.

"Show me a person who says they're organized, and I'll show you a messy junk drawer, a desk full of crap, a closet full of things they don't love, and a condiment shelf with expired products on it," she says.

It's not just about "sorting and clustering items," Frankel previously told CNBC Make It. "It's about streamlining, getting rid of, donating and having only really good things but fewer of them." 

Once a space is truly organized, "we can function at a much higher level" and "effectively get a tremendous amount done and execute tasks efficiently," she says. 

If done correctly, being organized can even save you money, she says: "You know what you have and don't buy repetitive items."

According to Fiverr, teaching people new skills is an in demand area on its freelancer platform amid the pandemic. Rates for lessons vary from $5 to $100, depending on how involved the lesson is and the teacher's experience.

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