Here's what top value investor Chris Davis is buying now: 'We need to focus on the long-term'

Commuters exit a Wall Street subway station near the New York Stock Exchange.
Michael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty Images

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Value investor Chris Davis is staying invested despite societal and economic unrest across the U.S. 

America is reeling from a health pandemic that has killed more than 100,000 citizens and caused more than 40 million people to lose their jobs. A reescalation of U.S.-China tensions and nationwide protests against racism also weigh on investor decision making.

Davis, whose Davis Opportunity Fund has returned 11% annually the last decade, is staying in in the market amid the turmoil.

"As investors, we need to be dispassionate, we need to be unemotional, we need to focus on the long-term," Davis, chairman and portfolio manager at Davis Advisors, said on CNBC's "The Exchange" on Monday. "As humans and citizens we need to be compassionate and engaged. So it's sort of a bifurcated response."