Disruptor 50 2020

19. Healthy.io

Founder: Yonatan Adiri (CEO)
Launched: 2013
Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
 $95 million
Valuation: N/A
Key technologies:
 AI, cloud computing, deep learning, machine learning
 Medical testing
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George Kavallines

This Israeli company uses smartphone technology to make remote urinalysis possible. Healthy.io's FDA-cleared home urinalysis kit aids in the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, urinary track infections and prenatal testing and is used by leading health-care systems worldwide. The company's core goal is to improve the patient experience by bringing testing from hospitals and doctors' offices to the home. Patients with kidney transplants use the company's home-testing kit to avoid a visit to the doctor, and women with UTIs can get their infection tested and treated without leaving home

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The way it works is simple. Users of its Dip.io smartphone app receive an at-home kit. After urinating on a test strip, they take a 60-second scan — guided by a chatbot — with the phone's camera, then Healthy.io uses computer-vision techniques to detect early signs of kidney disease, UTI infections, bladder cancer and pregnancy-related complications such as preeclampsia risk. 

Healthy.io, maker of a 'medical selfie,' is part of the new generation of Israeli health-tech companies

Healthy.io expanded to the U.K. last year in partnership with Boots UK. The service offers women with uncomplicated UTIs the ability to test themselves for signs of infection, share results with a doctor online and get antibiotics delivered to their home, if appropriate. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the company is offering the service at a significant discount.

In December the company expanded to digital wound management, and its solution was registered with the FDA. It's currently being used in the U.K. by the North East London NHS Foundation Trust and Modality Partnerships in Wokingham. Whereas traditional wound management relies on subjective visual assessment, the Healthy.io app turns the smartphone camera into a wound documentation and measurement tool and even builds a 3-D image of the wound, eliminating human error and discrepancies common in today's methods.

The company raised $60 million in Series C financing in September, bringing its total funding to $95 million. Investors include Corner Ventures, Joy Capital, Ansonia Holdings, Aleph and Samsung Next.

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