The 'consumerization of healthcare' is a $600 billion opportunity for these stocks, UBS says

Shoppers wait in line at the pharmacy of a Walmart store in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Callaghan O'Hare | Bloomberg | Getty Images

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The "consumerization of healthcare" will continue to grow after the pandemic, and it could benefit both high-tech companies and stodgy retailers, according to a new report from UBS. 

The bank defined defined the trend as "individuals asserting more influence and control over their medical & wellness care." The trend is being driven by technological progress as well as an aging population and rising health care costs, according to the report. 

UBS estimated he total addressable market for the industry at roughly $600 billion and still growing faster than the overall economy. In addition to obvious names like Teladoc, companies from a variety of backgrounds are poised to benefit from this shift, according to the note.