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These 7 freelance jobs pay more than $18 an hour — and you can do them remotely

Delmaine Donson

If you need extra income, you might check out some freelance work.

Unemployment levels are high, and the extra $600 in weekly federal jobless benefits is set to run out the end of July. But the good news is that finding some extra work may be easier. Companies often to turn to freelancers as a more economical solution to regular staff, according to job-search website 

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Keep in mind, though, some states are looking to reshape labor laws so that more independent contractors are considered employees — sparking a backlash among freelancers who fear this could impact their ability to get work.

Flexible positions are especially available in computer and IT, administrative and support services, and project management.

FlexJobs lists a number of freelance positions with hourly rates that, according to compensation software and data company PayScale, can often top $18. These seven jobs also specify part-time or flexible schedules. 

1. Project manager  

SDI Productions

Average hourly pay: $26  

Here's an example of a project manager job that pays $62 per hour. 

2. Executive assistant 

Pakin Songmor

Average hourly pay: $21 

This executive assistant job pays $33.25 an hour.

3. Editor


Average hourly pay: $20

This medical editor job pays $35 an hour.

4. Interpreter


Average hourly pay: $20

This American Sign Language interpreter job pays $20 an hour.

5. Quantitative market researcher

FG Trade

Average hourly pay: $19

This quantitative market researcher job pays $25 an hour. 

6. Medical coder


Average hourly pay: $19

 This billing specialist job pays $22 an hour.

7. Tutor


Average hourly pay: $18

This MCAT tutor job pays $30 an hour.

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