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This couple generated $6 million in sales in four months after losing their live-event business overnight

How this couple rebuilt their multimillion dollar business in three months
How this couple rebuilt their multimillion dollar business in three months

Alex and Kelsey Carroll's company, Toss Up Events, designed and operated unique fan experiences at major sporting events across the country.

Then the coronavirus shutdown canceled all large gatherings for the foreseeable future. 

The Carrolls, both 31, had all of their employees pack up their equipment and head back to the company's headquarters in Dallas. They had no idea when business would be back up and running.

Kelsey Carroll came up with the idea to build custom hand-sanitizer stations that they could use when their live event business started up again. The couple, who have two toddlers, created Stand Up Stations to capitalize on their new business idea. 

Within 11 days, they had a product ready to sell. They converted their traveling employees into a remote salesforce and started selling to every business they could. This month the new company crossed $6 million in sales. 

Check out this video to learn more about how the couple built their business and to hear their top advice to any potential entrepreneurs. 

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