Here are stocks for a socially distance summer, says Citi

The Yeti logo is seen on a cooler for sale at the company's flagship store in Austin, Texas.
Sergio Flores | Bloomberg | Getty Images

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The coronavirus pandemic is shaping an atypical summer for Americans, but certain stocks could get a boost from the change in consumer behavior. 

An uptick in coronavirus cases across the U.S. is keeping people in their homes and away from air travel during the summer months. 

"Consumers may not be want to hop on a plane, but might be willing to pile into the car for a road trip to the beach," Citi analyst Wendy Nicholson told clients. "Likewise, though they might not be going out to restaurants and concerts, they might gather for a backyard barbecue."

Citi identified a handful of stocks it believes have businesses that could actually benefit from consumer spending more of their summer months at home. 

"We still believe a few of our stocks stand to benefit from the recent changes we've seen in the way consumers shop, eat and gather with friends," added Nicholson.

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