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CCTV Script 02/07/20

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on July 2, 2020, Thursday.

Several medical experts interviewed by the Wall Street Journal were surprised by the shift in California. Newsom, California's governor, has always known about medical data and stressed respect for medical experts, we still remember that California was the first state to order home segregations and lockdowns. And in early May, Newsom told Californians to wait while other states restart. But why California, America's best example of a pandemic slowly turn into a crisis? Medical experts interviewed suggested the restart might have been too quick.

On May 7th, when the governor announced a gradual unwinding, California's data were generally stable. In the following weeks, most counties reopened. But with Black Lives Matter protests erupting and tens of thousands of people taking to the streets, there is a risk that the figures will rebound. California allows some counties to set their own rules for reopening, and the medical indicators they use vary widely. San Francisco, for example, did not open bars or gyms while its infection rate remained steady at a lower level, but Los Angeles did so while the figures were still rising. Statistics show that on the second day after opening, half a million people went to a bar in Los Angeles. Other local governments have been less cooperative, with some counties violating state regulations and allowing businesses to restart before they are officially reopened. Riverside and Orange County in California have also said they will not enforce social isolation rules. In addition, the state's fight against the epidemic faces legal challenges, such as a request to ban church gatherings that has been sued by pastors from at least three churches.

while New York state and the entire northeastern united states had more confirmed and fatal cases in the initial phase of the epidemic in the united states, California, the largest contributor to U.S. GDP, faced much greater economic pressure from the lockdown and quarantine. We remember the reports of Tesla's early restart before California officially opened.

At the time, Musk had also threatened to arrest him alone. Pressure from business leaders is hard to ignore for California's rulers. California's unemployment rate hit 16.3% in May, the sixth-highest in the country, California's governor also cited the data in mid-June when he defended the policy and said it could not be permanently locked down.

But the consequences of a quick restart are already beginning to emerge, with the rapid rise in confirmed cases prompting the state to tighten controls again in recent days.

"And so, please, let us protect our lives and address the seriousness to which we must address this pandemic and the recent increase in the transmissions, as well as deaths related to this disease. 

Gavin Newsom

 Because of the repeated epidemic, US economy also shows some signals of falling back after the rally from mid-April to mid-June. Multiple data sources suggest that the Us economy's V-shaped rebound has begun to take shape.

Data on travel, work and other activities compiled by Jefferies, a financial services firm, show that

overall economic activity has slowed markedly since June 17.

At the same time, overall hiring at the nation's small businesses has slowed.

we may not get more official economic data for June until later, but we will keep an close eye on US economy recovery.