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CCTV Script 13/08/20

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on August 13, 2020, Thursday.

Before Biden officially announced his running mate, Harris was one of the more likely candidates. After the official results were announced, CNBC reporter Brian Schwartz conducted a survey and found that, in general, Wall Street still recognized this choice.

Several executives surveyed responded to him saying that this is a very good choice. Among them, including Citigroup's vice chairman Ray McGuire. Charles Myers, the founder of Signum and the former vice chairman of Evercore, told CNBC that this choice eased their customers' concerns that Biden might be more aggressive. They see Harris as a centrist in the Democratic Party in general. She also received support in the primary season from film, television, real estate, finance and other relatively diverse industries. Harris could further help Biden solidify his fund-raising skills. In addition, minorities, women and the younger Harris could further broaden Mr. Biden's base.

For the business community, the main concern is tax policy.  Currently, the US has poured so much money being poured into the fight against the epidemic, once Democratic wins, then it is evitable to increase tax, that would be bad for Wall Street.

CNBC's survey found that Wall Street isn't daunted by the prospect of higher taxes and is more concerned about who might be a more competent leader. On the 12th local time, when she debuted with Biden for the first time, Harris focused on criticizing the Trump administration's ineffectiveness in fighting the epidemic.

Kamala Harris  

United States Senator

We're reeling from the worst public health crisis in a century. The president's mismanagement of the pandemic has plunged us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.XXXX America is crying out for leadership. 

In the primaries, Harris was also one of the most fierce candidates to criticize Biden. In the current special social environment in the United States, Trump may get something from that.


US President

And she said horrible things about Biden, she said far worse things about Biden than i ever did, and now she is running as his vice president.

Overall, Biden's choice for vice President has not stirred much reaction in financial markets, which believe it will take some time for volatility to emerge. At that time, the epidemic in the United States and the development of the economy will be key factors in the election.

Allison Schrager  

senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute  

And it seems like markets are comfortable with that based on their plate opening right now. I don't think it's a surprise by any stretch. I mean markets are forward looking. So, I think they've just some degree. They've already priced in a possible Biden presidency. 

And if we're gonna see a lot of noise in the fall, it probably won't be from the election. It will be from developments with the virus, any treatments or any vaccines or how infection rates go in the south and west. 

The latest CNBC survey shows that Biden wins 4 more points in major swing states. Before the election, public opinion may change at any time, and we will keep a close watch on it