Veteran international investor says a journal and a 'wish list' help him beat the market long term

London Stock Exchange
Toby Melville | Reuters

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As a portfolio manager whose investment universe spans several oceans, Vincent Montemaggiore leans on organization to know when to make a move. 

Montemaggiore, who runs the Fidelity Overseas Fund, keeps an investment journal that spells out the thesis for each of the more than 130 stocks in his portfolio and a "wish list" of stocks that are just one or two changes away from being ready.

That process has served him well over the long haul. The fund has beaten the Morningstar Foreign Large Growth category and its benchmark, the MSCI EAFE, since he took over in 2012. It has gained more than 4% so far this year, erasing its losses from the pandemic-sparked sell-off and beating the index, though it has trailed the category average.