Here's everything Amazon just announced at its big hardware event

The coverage on this live blog has ended. Amazon's product event typically reveals new Amazon Echo, Ring, Fire TV and Alexa gadgets.

Amazon unveils new products, including a home security drone
Amazon unveils new products, including a home security drone

Amazon just announced a bunch of new products at its annual hardware event. We cover everything Amazon announced in the posts below, but as a quick recap, here's what was announced:

  • All-new Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock and Echo Dot Kids edition.
  • New Eero 6 Wi-Fi mesh network routers.
  • A new videogame streaming service called Luna that will compete with Google Stadia and Microsoft's game streaming services.
  • A brand new Echo Show smart display with Alexa built-in.
  • A crazy Ring security camera drone that can fly around your house.
  • A new in-car security system that will first launch with Teslas.

Check out the posts below for pictures and more information.

And it's over!

Amazon's marathon of hardware announcements is now over. 

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— Annie Palmer

Amazon brings updates to Fire TV Stick, rolls out cheaper version

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon is rolling out updates to its Fire TV Stick and is also introducing a cheaper option, Fire TV Stick Lite. The signature Fire TV Stick will include an enhanced processor that makes 50% more powerful than the previous generation. The classic option will go for $39.99, while the Lite costs $29.99 -- Jessica Bursztynsky

Amazon launches video game streaming service Luna to take on Google and Microsoft

Amazon Luna gaming service

Amazon rolled out Luna, its video game streaming service that works on the company's Fire TV, Mac, PCs, smartphones and tablets. It'll feature a set of 100 curated games and users can play with a special Luna gaming controller. You don't have to pair the controller with them, though, Amazon says it'll just work across them.

It's unclear when Luna will launch, but for now the service is available via invitation only for users in the U.S.

"What it allows is that you can just get started," Amazon said. "It'll expand the number of people that have easy access to just be able to play."

Speculation had been building that Amazon would launch its own service to compete with Google's Stadia and Microsoft's new game-streaming service. 

The service will be integrated within Amazon's Twitch streaming platform. Users will be able to click a button in the Twitch stream to start playing that game on Luna.

— Annie Palmer

Amazon rolls out a revamped Echo Show

All-new Echo Show

Amazon just unveiled a revamped version of its voice-activated smart display, called the Echo Show 10.

The new device has a 10-inch screen, as well as a 13-megapixel camera. "The Echo Show 10 has been completely reimagined to fit the way that customers live. We've introduced intelligent movement and made it even more natural to engage with Alexa," Dave Limp said. 

The Echo Show will silently turn to face users in order to keep the screen in view, while the device is being used. It's also including Group Calling and adding new effects for video calls and Drop In calls. It costs $249.99.

— Annie Palmer, Jessica Bursztynsky

Amazon's Ring launches a flying security camera

Amazon's flying security drone.

Amazon's smart security division, Ring, just launched what's basically a tiny drone with a camera that flies around your home, called the "Always Home Cam," that's already sparking privacy concerns.

Amazon described the device as an autonomous indoor camera that gives users viewpoints of multiple areas of the home. Amazon said the device will only record when it's in flight, because its camera is physically blocked when docked, in an effort to get ahead of privacy issues.

It's loud enough so that users can hear it move throughout the home, Amazon said, and people will be able to set set paths for the device to fly along.

The Always Home Cam costs $249.99 and available via invitation only. It's expected to launch next year.

— Annie Palmer

Amazon announces security system for cars, first works with Teslas

Ring car alarm

Amazon announced several new products for cars including the Ring Car Alarm, a security system for cars, the Ring Car Cam and the Ring Car Connect.

Ring Car Connect is an API for car manufacturers that allows users to receive alerts for detected events, watch recorded vehicle footage and check if the car is locked or not. At launch, the Ring Car Connect will be compatible with Tesla's Model 3, X, S and Y. Tesla owners can turn on Sentry mode, a safety feature that uses the car's external cameras to monitor the surrounding environment, and access that footage in the Ring app over a WiFi or LTE connection. It will cost $199.99

Ring Car Cam has cameras so you can monitor what's going on around the car and can monitor for bumps and break ins. It has crash assist so it automatically calls for help if a crash is detected. You can say 'Alexa, I'm being pulled over,' and it starts recording and stores the footage. Ring Car Cam costs $199.99 

"The Ring Car Alarm monitors for impacts, break-ins, tows, and more," Amazon said. It can monitor for break-ins, impacts and more and plugs into the OBD port under your steering wheel. It will alert you whenever anything is detected. It'll cost $59.99 without any monthly subscriptions.

-- Jessica Bursztynsky

Amazon announces new Eero 6 routers

Amazon Eero 6

Amazon just announced two new models of its home Wi-Fi router, the Eero 6 and the Eero Pro 6. The new models also support Wi-Fi 6, the latest wireless standard that offers faster speeds and better performance when more devices are sharing the same network. The Eero 6 lets you connect more than 75 devices simultaneously.

and feature new Wi-Fi 6 technology that offers faster speeds and improved performance when you have lots of devices connected to the same network.

Like earlier Eero products, the new models use mesh networking technology, which helps improve your Wi-Fi connection. Instead of relying on one Wi-Fi hotspot in one area, multiple units are placed around your home to provide stronger, more consistent internet coverage. 

The Eero 6 starts at $129.99 and the Eero Pro 6 is priced at $229.99. Both are available for pre-order today but will be released later this year.

— Annie Palmer

Alexa will try to better understand what you're asking

Amazon's Alexa will begin asking questions in response to users' requests in order to "fill her understanding gaps," AI chief Rohit Prasad said. For example, if a user tells Alexa to set the temperature to "vacation mode," she may ask what vacation mode means.

-- Jessica Bursztynsky

Amazon announces all-new Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock

All-new Amazon Echo

Amazon just unveiled an all-new Echo with a revamped design. It comes in three colors and features a spherical design. It has a 3-inch subwoofer and two speakers inside. The ring of lights, which lets you know when the Alexa voice assistant is listening or if you have notifications, has been moved to the bottom of the Echo. It has a built-in home hub so you can connect smart home lights and other gadgets to it, so long as they use Zigbee, Amazon Sidewalk or Bluetooth Low Energy.

The new Echo features some internal upgrades. Amazon said the latest model includes an AZ1 processor that enables faster speech processing, so it should understand you and answer Alexa commands faster. The all-new Echo costs $99.

Amazon also unveiled two smaller and watered-down versions of the all-new Echo, including the all-new Echo Dot, which costs $49.99, and the Echo Dot with a clock, which costs $59.99. There's also the Echo Dot Kids Version, priced at $59.99, which has fun fabric overlays that look like a panda or a tiger. The basic Echo Dot without a clock can be pre-ordered starting today. 

All of the new Echos will begin shipping later this year.

Amazon's redesigned Echo Dots Kids Edition
Amanda Ringstad, Amazon

— Annie Palmer

Amazon kicks off its annual hardware event

Dave Limp, Amazon SVP of devices and services.

Dave Limp, head of Amazon's devices and services business, just kicked off the event. Limp says Amazon's devices can help people social distance during the pandemic.

Limp's also touting Amazon's climate push, saying the company's newest devices will be get the "climate pledge friendly" badge on its website. The badge designates products with sustainable packaging and materials. 

— Annie Palmer