Worried about the election? Here are some ways to protect your portfolio

Supporters of former President Donald Trump and then-candidate President Joe Biden talk before a March 7, 2020 rally at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri.
Kyle Rivas | Getty Images

The U.S. presidential election is days away and many investors are fretting over how the results could impact their investments. 

Some experts think a victory for former Vice President Joe Biden could be detrimental to the stock market as it may lead to higher corporate taxes. Others argue that a President Donald Trump reelection could make it harder for lawmakers to pass new stimulus measures, especially if Democrats retain a House majority. 

Regardless of the concerns, most finance professionals agree that investors should not make drastic alterations to their investment strategy based on the U.S. election. Instead, they recommend investors hedge their portfolios for volatile moves around the Nov. 3 contest. 

Below are some ways investors can protect their investments from the potential Election Day swings.

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