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As Dow closes best month since 1987, traders say three stocks are the top December bets

As Dow closes best month since 1987, traders say these are the best December bets
As Dow closes best month since 1987, traders say these are best December bets

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped to start December, a day after closing out its best month since January 1987.

The blue-chip index cemented the 2,000 milestone during that January nearly 34 years ago, just as the index topped 30,000 in another record-breaking move this November.

Ari Wald, head of technical analysis at Oppenheimer, has his eye on one underperformer.

"For the sake of rotation, it's worthwhile to look at a few of the Dow components that haven't rallied as much and one name that stands out here would be UnitedHealth Group," Wald told CNBC's "Trading Nation" on Monday. "It's corrected into $326 support. There's converging levels there. That's both the stock's gap from November as well as its 50-day moving average. So as it corrects into that level I see a near-term opportunity to buy long-term strength."

While the Dow is close to records, UnitedHealth is still 7% from its own.

Quint Tatro, president of Joule Financial, has a favorite in the financials.

"We want to target or look at Goldman Sachs. This is [a stock] that I think has not rallied even back in 2016 and 2017 when JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, some of the bigger banks were rocketing higher. Goldman was sort of stuck and I think that the concern there is that they weren't really making headway into the retail segment. Now we're starting to see that," Tatro said during the same "Trading Nation" segment.

Goldman Sachs has been one of the top Dow performers over the past month, rallying more than 20%.

Tatro is also rolling the dice on a stock in the energy space.

"If you are in the camp that energy is going to continue this run, I think that the best opportunity in the energy space is going to be Chevron," said Tatro. "From a leverage perspective, they have a phenomenal balance sheet. … You have a little bit more security than some of the other energy plays out there because of the balance sheet."

Chevron has also topped out the Dow in the past month, the fourth best performer behind Boeing, American Express and Honeywell.

Disclosure: Joule is long CVX, GS.