Stocks like Ecolab and Cintas could be long-term beneficiaries of the post-pandemic cleaning boom

Family Dollar Store, anti-bacterial wipes and cleaning products.
Jeff Greenberg | Getty Images

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Of the many radical changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the world, cleaning and sanitation is one that Barclays feels will be permeant and nonnegotiable.

The Wall Street firm sees the institutional cleaning industry, which is a $30 billion market, experiencing massive growth due to the pandemic, with a handful of stocks benefitting from the structural change.

"Pre-pandemic, sanitization/cleaning was mostly taken for granted, but in a post-pandemic world we believe consumers and employees will demand that places not only 'be clean' but also 'show clean'," Barclays analyst Lauren Lieberman told clients.

"We foresee a greatly expanding addressable market as well as share consolidation, with larger incumbents and well-known consumer brands both playing a role," Lieberman added.