How Covid accelerated the rise of ghost kitchens

How Covid fanned the rise of ghost kitchens
How Covid fanned the rise of ghost kitchens

The Covid pandemic has decimated the restaurant industry and has created huge demand for food deliveries.

It's leading to the accelerated growth of ghost kitchens, or cooking facilities that produce food only for delivery and takeout with no dine-in areas. According to Euromonitor, ghost kitchens could create a $1 trillion global market by 2030.

Top brands such as The Halal Guys, Dog Haus, and Wow Bao are seeing success with the ghost kitchen model. It allows restaurants to cut costs and make profits during a global pandemic.

As the pandemic continues to ravage the U.S. and the world, can ghost kitchens be a sustainable business model for the hard-hit restaurant industry? Watch the video above to find out how ghost kitchens are changing the restaurant industry.