These C-suite jobs pay over $100,000—and they’re remote

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As much of the country continues to physically reopen, many companies are showing their commitment to continued flexible work by extending their work-from-home arrangements and even hiring new team members remotely.

An analysis from the jobs site Indeed found that postings are now twice as likely to mention the ability to work remotely than before the pandemic, and the numbers are rising even as some workers return to the office.

Then, there are sites that cater specifically to flexible work that have seen an outsized spike in activity in the last year. FlexJobs, a career resource that helps people find remote roles, saw a 50% jump in people visiting the site and 19% uptick in employers posting job openings since early 2020, says FlexJobs career development manager and coach Brie Reynolds.

While some may expect the bulk of remote roles to be entry-level, temporary or freelance roles, Reynolds tells CNBC Make It that many employers are embracing flexible workers at the very top by hiring more remote workers into the C-suite.

Where companies are hiring remote C-level leaders

Some of the most common C-level job postings include leaders in charge of an organization's finances, operations, growth, marketing, and technology and security. The fields seeing a spike in C-level hiring include health care, technology, online media and education, philanthropy and nonprofits, Reynolds adds.

Here are some of the most common chief officer roles employers are hiring for on FlexJobs right now, and how much they pay, according to PayScale and Comparably data.

  1. Chief Financial Officer: about $136,000 per year
  2. Chief Growth Officer: about $200,000 per year
  3. Chief Marketing Officer: about $175,000 per year
  4. Chief Medical Officer: about $300,000 per year
  5. Chief Operating Officer: about $144,000 per year
  6. Chief Technology Officer: about $163,00 per year
  7. Chief Legal Officer, or General Counsel: about $166,000 per year

Beyond the C-suite, FlexJobs postings indicate many other organizations are looking for flexible workers to fill director-level roles in human resources, communications, content strategy and sales; at the vice president level, companies are on a hiring spree for VPs of business development, engineering, operations and project management.

How to land a remote C-level job

Chief officer roles tend to call for 10 to 15 years of leadership experience. But for any type of management role in a remote capacity, whether you're a first-time manager or seasoned executive, Reynolds says employers are looking to make sure you already have a history of leading a team from afar. Throughout your resume, cover letter and interviews, you'll want to demonstrate how you've managed people as well as processes in a remote capacity — or what problems you had to work through in order to lead while physically apart.

Start with your experience of managing through a pandemic, Reynolds says: "Focus on the processes and results of leading your team through uncertain circumstances. That's going to be a key experience for anyone going forward."

On any written application materials, make sure to note the nature of your flexible-work arrangement, like if your job was fully or partially remote, Reynolds says. If partial, she recommends putting a number to it, such as 20% if you worked remotely once a week, or 25% if it was one week out of the month.

If you've never officially worked in a remote capacity, consider if you've ever worked with other team members or clients who weren't in the same physical location as you. Chances are good that you worked across email, phone conferences, video meetings and other collaboration tools in order to manage a project or launch a program with team members you don't share an office with.

"These are all good things to play up" in an application for a remote job, Reynolds says. "Communication, collaboration and bringing people together when they're physically apart are all big parts of leadership."

Finally, if you've done any learning remotely during the pandemic or otherwise, for example if you got certified through online training, or you completed part of your degree online, mention that as part of your remote-work experience, too.

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