Why everything is working during this latest rally to records and whether it can last

Here's what's making the latest market rally so powerful

Is this the "all-in" economy?

The rally in the last week and a half has been broad and powerful.

Everything is moving. The iShares S&P Value ETF (IVE) is at a historic high but so is the iShares S&P Growth ETF (IVW).  Transports and other cyclical stocks — those that benefit most from a recovering economy — are at new highs, but even defensive sectors like health care and consumer staples are at or near recrods.

Perhaps most confusing: The "reopening play" — stocks that would benefit from the reopening of the U.S. (and global) economy — are at new highs, but so are the "stay at home" stocks — which benefit when people work from home and buy things for their home:

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