Future of food: UBS names its top stocks in the booming 'plant-based meat' sector

Oscar Wong | Moment | Getty Images

The "plant-based meat" market is expected to boom, according to UBS, which highlighted a number of stocks set to benefit from the trend. 

In a note last week, the investment bank said sales of these products were set to see a 30% compound annual growth rate through 2025, hitting $51 billion. 

Although an increasing number of people are regularly eating plant-based meat, UBS found that it was taste – not price – that was putting people off trying them, according to a survey of over 3,000 consumers. As such, the analysts said ingredients companies were well placed to address this stumbling block. 

They also named other food-related stocks in the U.S. and elsewhere set to get a boost from growth in the sector. 

Here are a number of UBS' stock picks, all of which are buy-rated by the bank: 

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