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Here are the new health savings account contribution limits for 2022

Key Points
  • The IRS announced an inflation adjustment for health savings accounts on Monday.
  • Individuals with self-only coverage in a high-deductible health plan will be able to contribute up to $3,650 in an HSA in 2022.
  • Those with family coverage can save a maximum $7,300 next year.
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Americans will be able to stash away more money in health savings accounts next year.

Individuals with self-only coverage will be able to save up to $3,650 in an HSA in 2022, the IRS announced Monday. Those with family coverage will be able to save $7,300.

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HSAs are tax-advantaged accounts available to individuals enrolled in a high-deductible health plan.

Those contribution limits are a $50 and $100 increase for self-only and family coverage, respectively, relative to the 2021 HSA maximums. The IRS raised the limits to account for inflation.

What is a health savings account (HSA)?
What is a health savings account (HSA)?