These are the most crowded stocks around the globe, according to UBS

Crowds at Times Square, New York City, USA.
TommL | E+ | Getty Images

Analysts from investment bank UBS have calculated the world's most crowded stocks, with companies in the tech, luxury and automotive sectors making its top 10.

Billions of dollars of government stimulus combined with record-low interest rates around the world have seen money pouring into equity markets since the March 2020 lows of the coronavirus pandemic. UBS has warned previously of a resulting "microcosm of crowding within equity markets" and said: "Once these trades reach their critical value, or an exogenous shock occurs, we expect a sharp price reversal as investors unwind their exposure in tandem."

In a note Monday, the UBS analysts identified the stocks that are most over-weight by global active managers. They used institutional ownership information to create an active trading portfolio, and compared it the MSCI AC World Index.

Here's the full list of the world's most heavily held stocks: