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How would you spend Elon Musk’s $160 billion fortune? This online game gives you 30 seconds to do it

Elon Musk, founder and chief engineer of SpaceX speaks at the 2020 Satellite Conference and Exhibition March 9, 2020 in Washington, DC.
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It's taken Elon Musk decades to amass his more than $160 billion fortune. But a new online game lets you try to spend it all in under 30 seconds.

The game, called "Spending Elon's Money," is available to play for free on the website of Leasing Options, a British car rental company. 

Players start with a total of $166 billion (Bloomberg's latest estimate for the Tesla and SpaceX CEO's net worth is $161 billion, as of Wednesday). Players are then given just half a minute to choose among a variety of items to "buy" with Musk's massive fortune by clicking on them, while the game keeps tally.

Players can choose between smaller items, like an $8 McDonald's Big Mac or $18 for a premium Netflix subscription, to progressively more expensive choices: a $40,000 Rolex watch, a $1 million New York City apartment, a $4.5 million private jet, or even $50 million to launch one of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets. (Musk's company actually lists the price tag for a Falcon 9 launch on its website as $62 million, and the other choices are not based on things he owns.)

"Spend on whatever you like, as many times as you like," according to the instructions. Players can even click on buttons that allow them to buy 10 or 15 of each item per click to spend faster.

However, even clicking rapidly on the $50 million rocket launch for 30 seconds can still leave a player with tens of billions of dollars remaining at the end of the game, at least according to CNBC Make It's own attempts.

The point of the game is "to demonstrate how outrageously large Musk's net worth is," according to a spokesperson for Leasing Options, which encourages game players to share the results of their attempts on social media along with a link back to the company's website.

While Musk has some of his billions invested in real estate and other ventures, the vast majority of his net worth is tied to his roughly 20% stake in Tesla. As a result, Musk's net worth skyrocketed in 2020, when Tesla's stock price soared thanks to boosted profits. Musk even temporarily overtook Amazon's Jeff Bezos for the title of wealthiest person in the world, though the Tesla CEO currently ranks third on Bloomberg's list of billionaires, behind Bezos and French luxury retailer Bernard Arnault.

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