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This young couple earn $168,000 a year—here's everything they spent in a week, including a 5-day vacation

What a family making $168,000 a year spends in a week
What a family making $168,000 a year spends in a week

Amy Anderson and Brian Ortiz consider themselves "super savers," but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy spending a little to have a good time.

Brian, a 29-year-old architect, and Amy, a 30-year-old audit manager, have a 1-year-old son named Henry. Together they earn about $168,000 per year. The couple spent a week chronicling their spending, including what they spent on a Memorial Day Weekend road trip from Dallas, where they live, to Houston.

The biggest expenses during their vacation were gas and restaurants, which cost them $562 combined. To save on the trip, the couple used $100 worth of credit card points to cover their four night hotel stay.

Brian Ortiz and Amy Anderson with their son Henry during a visit to NASA.
Brian Ortiz

During their vacation, they also scheduled a future $200 dog sitting gig, a side hustle they started during the pandemic while working from home. That money will help them offset the $237 they spent to have their own pup housed, fed and walked while they were gone for four days.

Over the last 12 months, they've earned about $2,000 from dog sitting, primarily by having dogs stay at their home in Dallas. "In today's world, it's so easy to make a little bit of side income, whether that's $100 or $1,000," Brian tells CNBC Make It. "We're always home and our dog needs someone to play with. It's really taken off this last year."

The Memorial Day Weekend vacation included a trip to NASA, which cost a little over $100, as well as $165 for a family trip to catch a Houston Astros ballgame.

Watch Brian and Amy's full spending breakdown for the week in the video above, as well as how much they set aside for savings and investments.

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