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CCTV Script Weekly18/06/21


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on June 18, 2021, Friday.

Luxury houses seem to be a must-have for many super-riches, but not for Elon Musk, the world's biggest eccentric. Musk announced Monday through social media to sell this "last remaining" property located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Musk moved to Texas and now lives in a rented house close to the launch site of SpaceX, which is claimed to be worth about $50,000 by himself. The billionaire announced his "not-own-homes" plan in May 2020, and since then he has sold or listed all of his $114 million in real estate holdings in the past year to fund a colony on Mars.

Musk invested $100 million into SpaceX from his own pocket, and this company was valued at $74 billion in the latest fundraising event earlier this year. To build the starships used to migrate to Mars is exceptionally costly; SpaceX's starship prototype repeatedly exposed in the most recent flying tests. According to Forbes, Musk is the second richest man in the world with a net fortune of $151 billion,, 

The Euro 2020 tournament, delayed for a year, finally kicked off.  Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo, competing for Portugal, has been playing great and already set several new records. But his behavior outside of the court cost the official sponsor of the tournament Coca-Cola heavily. During a pre-match press conference held on Tuesday, the superstar put aside two bottles of Coca-Cola placed in front of him and said: "agua" (water) . This small move caused Coca-Cola's stock price to fell by 1.6% in response to this small move, wiping off the market value by $4 billion.

As a world-class top player, Ronaldo, 36, follows a strict diet. And he repeatedly said he dislikes carbonated drinks, not even willing to see his children consume. Though Coca-Cola stated that everyone has a preference for drinks, the organizer of Euro 2020 had to ask the players not to remove the sponsor's drinks at the press conference because several players followed Ronaldo to move other drinks provided by sponsors.

The escape of Carlos Ghosn, the former Chairman of Nissan, has attracted wide attention, not a major move regarding this case happened this week.  On Monday, former US special forces soldier Michael Taylor and his son Peter Taylor pleaded guilty to their charges of illegally assisting Ghosn's escape from Japan in a Tokyo court. The two have not yet been convicted but may face up to three years in prison.

During the trial, more details were revealed. It is believed that Ghosn himself thought of the idea of ​​hiding in a musical instrument box, and his wife found Taylors and convinced them that Ghosn was a victim of the Japanese judicial system. The prosecutors allege that the Taylors received a $1.3 million service fee from Ghosn. At present, Ghosn is believed to be still in Lebanon, and he is also wanted by Interpol.