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CCTV Script 06/07/21


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on July 6, 2021, Tuesday.

Diving, the sports business that enjoyed a boom in many Asian countries in the past few years, took a beating due to the pandemic, just like many other businesses. Restrictive measures and disrupted global tourism together have caused huge losses to many diving operators whose core businesses are overseas.

Jacki Ng

CEO of SSI Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei, Founder of Asia Dive Academy 

"And in terms of if you ask what kind of numbers have affected us 90% will probably roughly translate a few million dollars a year in revenue."

Though these companies suffer a great deal because of the pandemic, some others that focus on the local market are seeing their businesses picking up. Even during workdays, many diving fans are about to sail and explore the amazing world underwater.

"MKB MKB, this is Cuddlefish, asking permission to leave the Marina, Over."

Serene Pek and her business partner set their sights on the local Singapore market when they started their diving business. Now, that strategy is paying off during the pandemic.

Serene Pek  

Managing partner, Cuddlefish driver 

"We may be even seen a triple increase in our sales volume for local diving especially, because, all the divers are in Singapore now, yeah, so there is no what else to go."

Local diving business in Singapore are getting a boost from the government which launched the "SingapoRediscovers" program that gives each Singaporean a 100 SGD voucher, about 500 RMB to help domestic tourism industry.

Kelvin Tan

Diving Enthusiast

"Before the pandemic, I often traveled abroad to dive. Countries, where I went, include Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, etc. During the pandemic, my diving activities were limited only in Singapore, but the number of times even increased compared with pre-pandemic levels.At first, I thought that diving in Singapore was not so fun because of poor visibility of water, but when I went diving again and again when I saw many different marine creatures…some marine creatures that were not believed to be found here can actually be spotted...and I also saw sharks, sea hares, and all kinds of sea hares, which are all eccentric. As time goes by, I actually find that I really love to dive locally."

Now, there is still some capacity limit for diving operators. Before the pandemic, Serene Pek 'a boat could have 8 to 10 people on board each time, and now the number is halved. But that is much better than nothing. To dock the boat by the bay, she has to pay about 2,000 SGD a month, about 10,000 RMB. And for the cross-border diving industry, some divers are looking forward to traveling abroad again as some islands, such as Bali and Phuket, announced plans to open soon. 

Jacki Ng

CEO of SSI Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei, Founder of Asia Dive Academy 

"So we are really looking forward to the opening of many countries, for example, Bali, we do see there will be a pent up demand in the first, probably couple of months during announcement."