5 side hustles for people in their 20s that can pay $10, $25, or even $65 per hour


Side hustles have long been a popular way to earn some extra cash, and young people have really leaned in to the idea of creating new income streams. Half of millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, have a side hustle, according to LendingTree. So do 46% of Gen Zers, or those born after 1997.

Here are five side hustles experts say can be particularly well suited for people in their 20s:

Teach something you know or are good at

"Everyone has something to teach," says Chris Haroun, who's made more than $1 million teaching business and personal finance courses on online learning platform Udemy.

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Consider your major in college, a class you excelled in during high school, or even a hobby you've gotten very good at, and think about how you might teach it to others. Here are three platforms to consider teaching or tutoring on:

  • Varsity Tutors offers students hour-long lessons in subjects ranging from astronomy to dance. Tutors can choose their hours, and the average salary on the site ranges from $15 to $40 per hour, according to SideHusl.com.
  • Outschool offers students ages 3 to 18 40-90 minute classes in subjects ranging from cooking to algebra to geometry. Teachers earn an average of $40 per hour and "do not need specific teaching credentials," a representative from the site previously told Grow. Stay-at-home mom Megan Hardy currently earns $10,000 per month teaching Dungeons & Dragons on the site.

Take care of other people's pets

People adopted 1.6 million pets last year, which means another great side hustle is "anything related to fur-kids," says Vix Reitano, who built her digital content side hustle into a six-figure business. "Pet care, vet care, overnight sitters, you name it, there's a need for it." That demand is likely to grow as remote workers return to the office and people start traveling again.

You can offer services like dog walking and pet sitting on sites like Rover and Care.com. Dog walkers make an average of $20-$40 per hour, depending on the number of pets, length of the walk, and location, and pet sitters make an average of $25-$30 per day, according to Thumbtack.

Charge scooters

"I think one lesser-known side hustle particularly suited for people in their 20s is charging electric scooters for companies like Lime," says side hustle expert Kevin Ha. Lime is an app enabling users to rent electric scooters throughout North America and Europe.

Juicers, as they're called, can take on a variety of tasks for the platform, including charging the scooters. You'll download the app, identify scooters that need charging in your area, take them home to do so, then drop them off in the morning for people to use.

You will have to buy a scooter charger for this task, which goes for $15 on Amazon, but you can make up for the cost pretty quickly. The app pays between $5 and $20 per scooter charged, according to Sidehusl.com.

"The reason scooter charging works well for people in their 20s is that scooters tend to be located in dense, hip neighborhoods," says Ha. "If you're young, you likely live in a neighborhood like this and can turn this into an easy side hustle to make $5 to $30 each night for not much work."

Rent out your stuff

As you enter adulthood and start accumulating stuff, you can make money by renting out said stuff. The best part: That's a hustle earning passive income, which doesn't require much ongoing work. Here are a few items to consider:

  • Bike: If you have a bike you're not using often, consider renting it out on sites like Spinlister. Users can rent out their bikes for hourly, daily, or weekly rates. It's free to list but the site takes a 17.5% fee off every rental. One bike owner in New York is listing his for $10 per hour, $50 per day, and $250 per week, for example.
  • Car: If working from home means you're using your car far less, consider renting it on sites like Turo. Renters earn between 60% and 85% of the trip price, depending on the vehicle insurance plan they choose, and the average annual income from listing one car on the site is $10,516, according to Turo.

Start a cleaning service

"There's a tendency to focus on YouTube/Instagram/TikTok and while those can be great platforms on which to build an audience, I think 20-somethings are better off starting a service-based operation," says side hustle expert Nick Loper. One he recommends: cleaning.

Housecleaners on Thumbtack list starting prices at $180, for example, with pros on the site paying for any conversations started with potential clients. TaskRabbit cleaners charge as much as $65 per hour, with the site taking a one-time $25 registration fee. When setting your price, factor in the cost of cleaning supplies as well, as some clients may expect you to bring them.

If you want to start a housecleaning hustle independent of these sites, "The Sweaty Startup is a great resource for these types of businesses," says Loper.

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5 most popular side hustles of 2020
5 most popular side hustles of 2020