Novelty or the future? Job recruiters weigh up the value of video resumes

Jonathan Keane
Key Points
  • While some hiring managers like being able to hear and see a candidate, for others there's a mixed response. 
  • Video resumes still remain a novelty and while they may gradually become more common, they will likely act as an addendum to the traditional resume, not a replacement.
Oscar Wong | Moment | Getty Images

When TikTok launched its resume feature this summer, it was trying to tap into a market for young professionals and graduates looking for jobs.

Video resumes, where candidates film a short clip laying out their qualifications and fit for a job, have been around a while but TikTok's move into the area shone a fresh light on the job-hunt tactic.

Jonathan Javier's career consulting firm Wonsulting collaborated with TikTok on its feature.

"It's sort of like a tell-me-about-yourself. It's something you won't necessarily see on a black and white paper but you dive a little bit d