The 10 jobs with the most remote work opportunities—and how much they pay

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As some companies look to return to the office in 2022, others are expanding their remote work opportunities, responding to increased employee demand for flexibility during the pandemic. 

New research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, suggests that some industries are embracing remote work faster than others. While more than 60% of software developers and market research analysts are able to work from home, less than 1% of those in construction, health-care support or personal care service roles can do their jobs remotely. The BLS only included permanent remote work opportunities, not temporary arrangements made because of the pandemic, in their report.

"If you have to interact with co-workers or the general public in-person, or have a critical frontline job related to the pandemic, that really limits your ability to work remotely," Jesus Ranon, a supervisory labor economist at the BLS, tells CNBC Make It. "When you look at the jobs that are offering more remote opportunities, it's positions that are self-paced, where people can manage their workloads without others present or monitoring them, and there's no requirement to interact with people face-to-face."

Here are the top 10 jobs with the most remote work opportunities available according to the BLS:

After working from home for nearly two years, many people have realized that they actually prefer a remote setup over a traditional office setting. In August, FlexJobs spoke to more than 4,000 job seekers about their ideal work arrangement post-pandemic and 58% said they want a fully remote position, while 38% said they favor a hybrid arrangement.

Americans have been quitting their jobs at record rates over the past few months in search of better pay and job security — and some are willing to make sacrifices to avoid in-person work requirements. FlexJobs found that 44% of workers know at least one person that has already quit or is planning to quit their job due to in-person work requirements, and 17% said they would quit their job if it didn't offer remote work options.

If you're looking for remote work opportunities, consider these 10 positions, which offer the most telework options, according to the BLS:

1. Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, technical and scientific products

Job description: "Sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers where technical or scientific knowledge is required in such areas as biology, engineering, chemistry, and electronics, normally obtained from at least 2 years of postsecondary education." 

Median salary: $86,650

2. Market research analysts and marketing specialists

Job description: "Research conditions in local, regional, national, or online markets, gather information to determine potential sales of a product or service, or plan a marketing or advertising campaign." 

Median salary: $65,810

3. Software developers

Job description: "Design computer applications or programs." 

Median salary: $110,140 

4. Computer network architects

Job description: "Design and build data communication networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Intranets." 

Median salary: $116,780

5. Lawyers

Job description: "Advise and represent individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes." 

Median salary: $126,930

6. Fundraisers

Job description: "Organize events and campaigns to raise money and other kinds of donations for an organization.

Median salary: $59,610

7. Computer programmers

Job description: "Write and test code that allows computer applications and software programs to function properly."

Median salary: $89,190

8. Computer and information systems managers

Job description: "Plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization."

Median salary: $151,150 

9. Sales managers

Job description: "Direct organizations' sales teams."

Median salary: $132,290

10. Computer systems analysts

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