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What we're watching Friday — jobs still strong, Costco sales beat, Buffett ups oil exposure

A sign for hire is posted on the door of a GameStop in New York City, April 29, 2022.
Shannon Stapleton | Reuters

What the Club is looking at July 8, 2022

Labor market still showing strength after a better than expected nonfarm payroll report for June with 372,000 jobs added versus 250,000 expected, offset by negative 74,000 revisions for April and May.

  • Average hourly earnings June were a tick higher than expected at 5.1% year over year, but a hair lower from the prior month's increase.
  • Labor force participation rate at 62.2%, down from 62.3% in May.
  • The 10-Year Treasury yield rose in response to the strong report, back above 3%.