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This $340,000 luxury camper is solar-powered and self-sustainable—even pulling drinkable water from air

The Living Vehicle 2023 luxury camper is solar-powered and self-sustainable, with an atmospheric water generator.
Source: Living Vehicle

Maybe you're looking to drop off the grid this summer, and you'd like to do so in luxury.

If that's the case – and you've got a spare $340,000 sitting around – you might want to check out Living Vehicle's 2023 luxury camper. The Santa Barbara, California-based company unveiled its new solar-powered, fully sustainable camper trailer last month, saying it's aimed at customers who want "to travel far away from campgrounds and overcrowded RV parks."

The 29-foot-long camper is equipped with a solar-powered energy system to fully power a mobile office pre-filled with Apple products. The company says it's also the first vehicle ever to produce its own drinkable water from thin air: The camper's atmospheric water generator, made by Israeli startup Watergen, pulls moisture from the air to produce 5 gallons of potable water each day.

The Living Vehicle 2023 luxury camper features a pull-out patio deck.
Source: Living Vehicle

The self-sustaining systems you may never need to stock up on water or fuel — although, in case of emergency, the camper is equipped to store up to 100 gallons of water and 80 pounds of propane for the kitchen stovetop, heating and a backup generator, if needed. The idea, Living Vehicle said in its announcement, is to help people "stay off-grid longer than ever before."

The Living Vehicle's luxury camper features a queen bed that folds away to reveal a mobile office.
Source: Living Vehicle

It just so happens, then, that they'll do so in style. For a starting price of $339,995, the trailer's luxury features include 8-foot sliding doors leading to a fold-out patio deck under an optional solar awning, and a queen-sized bedroom suite where the memory-foam bed folds into the wall to create a mobile office with an 80-inch walnut desk and Apple's Pro Display 32-inch Retina 6K screen.

A six-speaker sound system means the office can also become something of a home theater, too.

The lounge and dining area of the Living Vehicle 2023 luxury camper.
Source: Living Vehicle

The dining area and lounge serve a dual role as guest bedroom, with another pullout bed – meaning the camper can sleep at least four people at a time, in total. There's also an option at extra cost to increase the sleeping capacity to six people with a drop-down bunk bed in the lounge that can be pulled down from the ceiling.

The Living Vehicle 2023 luxury camper has the option of getting a bed that pulls down from the ceiling.
Source: Living Vehicle

The 100-gallon water storage may be especially useful for what Living Vehicle touts as a "spa bathroom," with a solid walnut shower floor and back panel, a 10-bar towel warmer, an LED mirror with anti-fog technology and a bidet toilet.

The camper's base weight is 12,000 pounds. Living Vehicle recommends towing it behind a full-size truck with towing capacity of at least 16,000 pounds.

The camper is available to be ordered now, and Living Vehicle says each camper is custom-built with a lead time of 10 to 12 months. Prices vary depending on option packages, including a high-end starting price of $509,995.

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