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Cramer's lightning round: Nokia is 'the definition of dead money'

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  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

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Cleveland-Cliffs: "If we're going to do steels, I like Cleveland-Cliffs very cheap, but Nucor is almost has cheap, and it's got a much better record and is a cleaner steel producer. That's what we want right now."

Enbridge: "I think that is a great stock. I am tempted to add it to the bullpen for .... the Investing Club."

HighPeak Energy: "Oh my god, at $22, I mean come on. [Buy, buy, buy]."

Marathon Oil: "No, we went over that this morning on our 'Morning Meeting' that's part of the CNBC Investing Club at 10:20 [a.m. ET.]. We continue to like Devon here. We think Devon goes higher. That's the horse to bet on."

Standard Lithium: "No, no. That's a Canadian company that don't make any money. We got to stick with money-making companies. How about Tesla? They're also in the lithium business."

Watsco: "I have not looked at Watsco recently enough. I did love it because my friend Matt Horween, writing partner, introduced it to me. Three percent yield, doing incredibly well. But we're going to double down on the homework on Watsco."

Nokia: "That is just the definition of dead money, and I'm done with that. We're going to try to make money with our money, not do nothing with our money. I want that reinvested in some of the things we like for the Investing Club."

Rocket Lab USA: "[Sell, sell, sell]. We only like to invest in companies that make money."

Carnival Corp.: Does not recommend

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Cramer's lightning round: Nokia is 'the definition of dead money'
Cramer's lightning round: Nokia is 'the definition of dead money'


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