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This $310,000 all-electric luxury RV has heated floors and Elon Musk's internet—take a look inside

Bowlus' Volterra is the first all-electric RV to hit the market.
Source: Bowlus

If you're really into glamping or want to live off the grid in style, check out Bowlus' new all-electric luxury RV, the Volterra.

The polished aluminum trailer lays claim to the title of the world's first fully-electric RV to hit the market, with a not-inexpensive starting price of $310,000. The 27-foot-one-inch Volterra has double the battery capacity of the company's previous RVs, along with solar panels that allow you to recharge remotely and "live off-grid indefinitely," according to Bowlus.

The Oxnard, California-based company wants to make your off-the-grid lifestyle rather luxurious. The Volterra comes equipped with several luxury features, including heated floors, remote temperature control for the heating and air conditioning, real wood interiors with vegan leather, memory foam mattresses and linen bedding.

The RV's WiFi comes from Starlink, a high-speed satellite internet service created by Elon Musk's SpaceX.

The primary bedroom of Bowlus' Volterra.
Source: Bowlus

The Volterra can sleep up to four people between the bedroom and living room seating that converts into sleeping spaces. It has a "spa-like" bathroom with teak flooring and a stainless steel sink, and a kitchen with an induction cooktop, the company says.

It also contains a backup camera, and 50-gallon freshwater tanks "for extended off-grid time or longer showers," Bowlus adds.

The Volterra's interior comes with hideaway pet food dishes.
Source: Bowlus

The RV is relatively light for an RV, with a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,000 pounds. That means it can be towed by a wide range of trucks and SUVs — and if you tow it with an electric vehicle, you can avoid any and all stops at the gas station.

The Volterra features AeroSolar solar panels so you can charge the RV remotely.
Source: Bowlus

The Bowlus brand has some auspicious history. The company was first founded in 1934 by aircraft designer Hawley Bowlus, who built the company's first aluminum trailers. He returned to designing airplanes two years later, shuttering the brand.

One of his employees, Wally Byam, used those concepts to build the first Airstream Clipper trailer in 1936, according to Curbed.

Bowlus' Volterra offers fully customizable interiors featuring real wood and vegan leather elements.
Source: Bowlus

The Bowlus brand was revived in 2014 by current CEO Geneva Long. Its Volterra RV is currently available for orders online, with options for customizable interiors. Those personal touches will add to the cost, but you'll have to inquire with the company for specific pricing beyond the $310,000 starting cost.

The Volterra may be the market's first all-electric RV, but it certainly won't be the last. Winnebago revealed its concept for a fully-electric motorhome in January. Airstream and its parent company Thor Industries have also announced similar concepts, without specific production timelines yet.

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