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Parental anxiety is 'universal': Here are 4 ways to cope, from a therapist


Lots of "firsts" can be anxiety-inducing for kids: the first day of school, the first sleepover away from home, the first pool party.

However, some parents feel just as anxious, if not more, about these milestones as their child does.

"It is universal to have this kind of worst-case-scenario thread when it comes to the safety of your kids," says Pamela Larkin a therapist who specializes in anxiety and depression.

Parental anxiety refers to any worry, fear, or stress related to being a caregiver.

And if that anxiety becomes unwieldly or all-consuming, it might be time to take some steps to alleviate it.  

"Are you ruminating on your thoughts," Larkin says. "Are you staying up at night Googling how to keep your child safe?"

If so, there are ways to cope so yo