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Workato: 2022 Top Startups for the Enterprise

CNBC's first-ever Top Startups for the Enterprise list

Founders: Vijay Tella (CEO), Gautham Viswanathan, Harish Shetty
Launched: 2013
Headquarters: Mountain View, California
Funding: $421.2 million
Valuation: $5.7 billion
Key technologies:
 Cloud computing, machine learning, no code/low code software

Workato co-founder and CEO Vijay Tella

CEO Vijay Tella built Workato to close a big gap his team saw in the modern enterprise. While business apps became simpler, faster and cheaper, the integration across these apps remained complex and expensive. Workato transforms automation across enterprises with a single platform for data, apps and processes, allowing them to evolve from complex and fragmented architectures of the past. It says account case studies in fields ranging from health care to retail, finance and logistics are achieving good results across many functions: better scores for customer service, lower employee turnover rates and shorter payment collection cycles. The company differentiates its service by pitching easy-to-use, patented machine learning technology that can be used by both business and IT departments. Investors include top software companies Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow, as well as investing firms Altimeter Capital, Tiger Global and Insight Partners. Customers include many fellow technology upstarts, from Box to Atlassian and, as well as big names across sectors, from MGM to DoorDash, Kaiser Permanente, HP and World Wrestling Entertainment.

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