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The 10 best cities for finding a remote job that pays $100,000 or more―they're not all on the coasts

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If you're looking to land a remote job that pays at least six figures, you might want to target your search to companies that are headquartered in certain zip codes. 

True remote jobs are hard to find. FlexJobs found that about 95% of remote jobs have geographic requirements, whether it's a specific region, country, state or city.

Some U.S. cities offer more remote jobs that pay $100,000 or higher than others, according to new research from Ladders. 

Employers located in these areas offer more jobs that let employees work from anywhere, as well as jobs that are location-specific remote, which allows employees to work from home as long as they remain within certain geographic bounds, whether it's a specific state, city, country, or even region of the country.

Ladders identified the top 10 cities with the highest number of listings for remote jobs that pay at least $100,000 posted on their site between August and October 2022.

Coastal cities like San Francisco and New York are leading the charge in offering high paying remote jobs, Ladders CEO David Fisch points out, with other large cities like Washington D.C. and Chicago close behind. 

10 best cities to find a remote job that pays $100,000/yr or more

  1. San Francisco 
  2. New York
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. Boston 
  5. Chicago 
  6. Los Angeles 
  7. Seattle
  8. Austin
  9. Atlanta
  10. Dallas 

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, data scientists at Ladders have been tracking remote work data from North America's largest 50,000 employers. Prior to the pandemic, only 4 percent of jobs were available remotely — by the end of 2021, however, that number jumped to 18 percent, and now, at the end of 2022, it has doubled to 36 percent, according to their research. 

Companies across tech, media, health care and other industries are increasingly hiring for a variety of roles that can be done from home and offer six-figure salaries, per Ladders' research.

Software engineer, project manager and account executive are among the top remote occupations that saw the highest number of job ads on Ladders' site between Aug. 31 and Nov. 1 and pay more than $100,000.

Ladders report also includes the cities with the most remote opportunities that pay $200,000 or more — San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C. top this list, too. 

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