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Big Mac prices are up: Here's how much you'll pay for McDonald's signature sandwich state by state

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You might be better off sticking to the Dollar Menu on your next visit to McDonald's.

A recent study shows that price of the fast food chain's flagship Big Mac sandwich is hitting new highs.

CashNetUSA reviewed Big Mac prices in all 50 states to determine where customers pay the most and pay the least for the iconic burger with two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

The most expensive Big Mac in the United States can be found in Hawaii, where it will run you $5.31 — a long way from its 1967 debut price of 45 cents. The cheapest, meanwhile, will require a road trip down to Mississippi where they sell for a comparatively cheap $3.91.

This is how much a Big Mac will cost you across the country.

Inflation has taken a toll on the cost of food over the past few years, with the price of ingredients, fuel and packaging all contributing to sticker shock at the register.

In fact, while meat, poultry, fish and egg prices fell 0.1% according to the latest data from the Labor Department, it's the first time that prices have gone down since December 2021.

While the Big Mac is still pricey in Hawaii, it's a steal compared to other parts of the world.

In Belgium, the sandwich costs $5.94, while Italian McDonald's diners are paying $7.13 for their Big Mac.

The cheapest Big Mac in the world can be found in Pakistan, according to CashNetUSA, where it costs just $1.91.

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