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You can get paid $2,500 to watch Netflix's most popular shows: Here's how to apply

"Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega.
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Your next trip to the Upside Down might pad your bank account.

One lucky fan of Netflix's most popular shows will be paid $2,500 to watch them and determine once and for all which one is the most bingeable.

The offer has been made by Online Casinos, which wants to fill the role by National Binge Day on Sept. 25.

"We want to get to the bottom of a popular debate: which series truly is the most binge-worthy on Netflix?" the posting reads.

The winning participant will receive $2,000 in payment, as well as $500 to spend on snacks and a Netflix subscription if they don't already have one.

They will then have a month to watch Netflix's three most popular shows: "Squid Game," "Stranger Things" and "Wednesday."

The viewer will be asked to give each show a score a rating out of 10, using criteria including how likely they are to watch more than one episode at a time, how often they found themselves distracted by watching, how likely they'd be to rewatch the show and how much they liked the finale.

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The three programs contain 51 episodes, totaling just under 50 hours of content. That means the $2,500 payment averages out to about $50 per hour of Netflix viewed.

The winner of the contest will be selected at random, by Sept. 25, at which point they will receive the initial $500 for their Netflix subscription and snacks. They will then have until Oct. 25 to submit their reviews of the three shows, at which point they will receive the additional $2,000 payment via Paypal.

The trio of titles have accumulated more than 5.7 billion hours viewed on Netflix, according to the streamer, a figure equal to more than 650,000 years.

You can apply for the binge watching role here.

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