A Greek Tragedy: Inside the Massive Debt Crisis

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Greece, a country that once sat at the epicenter of civilization now sits at the center of an economic crisis being felt around the world. CNBC's International Correspondent, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera takes you inside the massive debt crisis that threatens the entire European Union, an economic alliance in jeopardy of collapse. Record high unemployment, mismanaged budgets and the destruction of a nation's social fabric all play leading roles in this modern day Greek Tragedy.

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  • Inside A Greek Tragedy

    A country in economic turmoil with plot twists the best playwrights couldn't even imagine. International correspondent Michelle Caruso-Cabrera takes you inside 'A Greek Tragedy.'

  • Greece: Too Little, Too Late

    Anarchist's anger stemming from mismanaged budgets and careless government spending have turned the streets of Athens into a war zone rather than a popular tourist destination. The Greek Finance Minister in office at the beginning of the crisis, Gorgios Papakonstantinou, believes the Greek government reacted 10 years too late.

  • Greece: A Path of Destruction

    Art Conservator, Catalina works with her colleagues to clean paint off The Bank of Greece, a historic building that has been destroyed by protesters.

  • Greece: Adjusting to the Crisis

    With record high unemployment rates, Greeks are having to adjust to new ways of living.

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