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CNBC — Licence Requirements and How To Receive Us

To receive CNBC in any commercial environment requires a viewing licence, which can only be purchased directly via ourselves (i.e. we are not part of any "business package" a cable or satellite operator may offer).

All commercial premises will need to have satellite receiver equipment installed in order to receive CNBC. If you already have this in place correctly positioned to receive CNBC (our B2B team or any independent installation company could advise on this), we would simply offer you a viewing licence for your commercial premises, and for UK viewers, a decoder card as the signal is encrypted.

In the UK, no cable operator has the rights to deliver CNBC to any commercial premises.

In Europe, it may be more convenient to receive CNBC via your local cable operator, who will charge a small technical delivery charge. However, a viewing licence must still be purchased directly via ourselves.

Again our B2B team would be happy to advise on local operators who carry CNBC.

Commercial rate-card details can be obtained from the B2B team at CNBC in EMEA as follows, who would be happy to discuss your requirements with you:

CNBC B2B team
44 20 7653 9462

PLEASE NOTE: The distribution of CNBC in any commercial environment (office/hotel) requires a commercial viewing licence, which can only be purchased via CNBC B2B Services.

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