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    Today I'm reporting from the UBS Media and Communications conference where some of the biggest names in the industry are weighing in on M&A activity and the future of advertising.

  • woods_tiger_sad3_200.jpg

    I didn't think we'd still be talking about Tiger Woods, but his tale grows longer.

  • woods_tiger_sad3_200.jpg

    So far, Tiger Woods’ alleged marital infidelity has not affected any of his endorsement deals. After all, not many deals are tied into Tiger Woods being the perfect family man. But there is one.

  • 2009 SEC Championship

    I've had many people ask me how many people will be watching the SEC championship game on Saturday, given the fact that it's No. 1 Florida vs. No. 2 Alabama for the right to play in the BCS title game. At the very least, it looks like CBS will at least get into the top 3 most-watched games since 1992, as last year's SEC championship game ranked at the No. 3 slot.

  • Tiger Woods

    It’s not exactly known which tournament Tiger Woods will return to, but the best guess is probably the tournament played at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, Calif., which takes place in the last week of January. That fact might help the tournament formerly known as the Buick Invitational land the title sponsor it has been looking for since General Motors restructuring plans announced earlier this year resulted in it ditching its title sponsorships of golf tournaments.

  • Woods_tiger_GD_mag_200.jpg

    Golf Digest isn’t pulling its latest cover featuring a photo illustration of Tiger Woods and President Barack Obama. It’s already on the newsstands. Even though the official newsstand date is Dec. 8, the issue, which offers “10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger,” hit some stores today.

  • woods_tiger_sad3_200.jpg

    While many of Tiger Woods' sponsors--Nike, Gatorade, and Gillette--continue to stand by him, the beleaguered golf great is suddenly getting new "sponsors", ones he'd probably rather do without.

  • Nets

    The New Jersey Nets made history last night by opening the season with their 18th straight loss. The funny thing is that I’ve been catching myself watching Nets games more than I ever have. Why? Because a team that wins every once in a while is much less appealing than a team that never wins.

  • saints_helmet_200.jpg

    The New Orleans Saints are 11-0 and it's starting to show on the racks. With the team undefeated, coming off beating the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, sales of Saints gear are up 60 percent year over year on NFLShop.com.

  • Brian L. Roberts

    Brian Roberts is on track to run a massive, vertically integrated media giant. But unlike some of his fellow media moguls, he doesn't have high-profile family drama (Sumner Redstone), spark controversy in the media by picking fights with Google (Rupert Murdoch), and he's not a fixture on the red carpet (Bob Iger).

  • Consumer Nation Holiday Central Edition

    GameStop's stock is falling as Wal-Mart cuts prices on video games.

  • Tiger Woods

    There are hundreds of crisis managers and sports marketers giving their take on Tiger Woods. Instead of talking to whoever comes into my e-mail box, I got in touch with the biggest insider I could find who could freely talk about Tiger.

  • Fess up, Tiger. If you don’t, the tabloids are gonna kill ya...Stonewalling, when even whispers of marital infidelity are involved, just doesn’t pay.

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    GE's is in the process of selling a majority stake in NBC Universal to Comcast, which will create a new vertically integrated media giant.

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    Cash-strapped, bargain shoppers are a great thing for Hollywood box office performance. This Thanksgiving weekend broke box office records — the highest-ever box office performance for the long five-day holiday weekend.

  • Serena Williams on the cover of ESPN The Magazine, The Body Issue.

    ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, which featured athletes in various stages of dress, certainly attracted plenty of buzz. But it’s the money earned from the issue that will bring it back for at least another year.

  • TAG Heuer "What are you made of?" ad featuring Tiger Woods

    In what could be read as a sign that Tiger Woods is unaffected in the endorsement world by his accident this weekend, two of Woods’ sponsors have ads in two different national papers today.

  • best_buy_logo.jpg

    As of mid-day the National Retail Federation is saying that prices are lower than ever on this Black Friday and they're drawing huge crowds. We're seeing the trends the NRF points out playing out right here in this store- laptops, netbooks and TVs are huge sellers and shoppers keep on pouring in.

  • With 15 million people unemployed in this country, one man proves all it takes is a little creativity to make your own six-figure job. He's getting paid just to get dressed in the morning.

  • Yesterday, when the NFL and CBS announced that "The Who" would be the halftime act for Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7 in Miami, a news story describing the announcement referred the group as an "ancient band."