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  • Jack O' Lantern

    When I was a kid, Halloween entailed lots of strategizing about a trick-or-treating route, trying to maximize our candy take and houses with over-the-top decorations.

  • epix-logo_200.jpg

    Viacom and its Paramount studio, Lionsgate and MGM broke off from CBS' Showtime last spring when they couldn't strike new distribution deals, so they decided to launch their own premium movie channel.

  • newspaper

    These days in the newspaper industry, you can't expect positive news to come from an ad increase - the only upside is when cost-cutting works.

  • Wrigley Field, Chicago

    This afternoon, Tom Ricketts was formally announced as the new owner of the Chicago Cubs, 942 days after Sam Zell said he would be selling the club. We sat down with Ricketts and talked to him about the future of owning the Cubs.

  • Hollywood Sign

    It's been a pretty scary year for Hollywood — massive reorganization, layoffs, and a general streamlining of the industry...So this year when a group of young industry executives who share a house in the Hollywood Hills started writing the e-vite to their annual bash, they had plenty of 'scary' material to draw upon.

  • toilet_handle_200.jpg

    Did you know that October is also the month where the entire country needs to think about repairing its toilets?

  • federer_roger1.jpg

    When you think of blue chip brands, chocolate companies aren't the first thing that come to mind. But it always seemed like a natural for Roger Federer, the world's best men's tennis player, to sign a deal with Lindt, the top chocolate brand based in his native Switzerland that has been trying to expand its popularity outside its European stronghold.

  • Many people who got into the baseball card and memorabilia business in 1989, like Marshall Fogel did, have come to regret it today.

  • cubs_money_200.jpg

    When Sam Zell announced he'd be selling the Chicago Cubs in 2007, many had speculated that the winning bid would be in the $1 billion range. But that didn't account for the fact that during the long drawn out negotiations, a huge economic crisis would hit, freezing up credit markets and making financing for a prospective owner a harder task.

  • DreamWorks Animation showed some "Monster" strength in the third quarter, beating Wall Street projections with better than expected DVD sales and the ongoing performance of "Monsters vs. Aliens."

  • This_is_it_200.jpg

    The day Michael Jackson fans from around the world have been waiting for is finally here. "This Is It" - the much debated, controversial and expensive concert-documentary film, compiled with footage of Jackson's final rehearsals - starts playing tonight, in 3500 theaters in the U.S. and simultaneous premiers in 16 cities across the globe.

  • Yankee Stadium Seats

    On the books, the New York Yankees usually don't turn a profit. That's because the organization itself has a hard time making up for what amounts to $100 million or more it has to give up from revenue sharing and luxury tax payments.

  • The America's Cup trophy

    The back and forth battle between Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli and American billionaire Larry Ellison doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to resolution.

  • Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, tells me that "DJ Hero" won't just change his company's business, but will change the world.

  • Remember that elephant car wash in Oregon? Yeah, PETA has a little problem with using pachyderms for a power wash.

  • yankees_phillies_200.jpg

    In the last 20 years, the average distance between two World Series opponents has been 1,040 miles. That's equivalent to about a three-hour plane flight. Get a seven-game series and the flights back and forth can not only be time consuming but costly.

  • Dinesh Patel (L) and Rinku Singh of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    The rights to the improbable story of two kids from Indian villages, who won a pitching contest without even knowing the rules of baseball and were eventually drafted, have been acquired by Sony.

  • Verizon is facing some major challenges, and it's looking for some new growth drivers.

  • New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez

    You couldn't find people to buy Alex Rodriguez collectibles in February, after he was outed for using performance-enhancing drugs. Seven months later, it's a complete reversal.

  • Michael Vick

    It has been two months and 10 days since the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick. So how is Vick doing from an image standpoint?