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  • Brandon Jennings' rookie card

    Brandon Jennings got too good too fast. The Milwaukee Bucks rookie guard, who avoided college by playing a year in Italy to satisfy the NBA age requirement, is all-of-a-sudden the talk of the league. Through nine games, the overall 10th pick in this year's draft is averaging 24.8 points a game, thanks in part to scoring 55 against the Golden State Warriors last Saturday.

  • twilight_NewMoon_poster_200.jpg

    Vampires are the new black. They're cool, mysterious, appealing to all ages, and they (figuratively speaking) turn everything they touch into solid gold. Vampire-chic hit the mainstream when "Twilight" came out last year.

  • Oprah Winfrey

    As predicted earlier this month, Oprah Winfrey will not renew her deal with CBS Syndication (CBS) when it expires in 2011. Instead she'll focus entirely on her new cable channel, called "OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network."

  • Iverson's Grizzlies Jersey

    Allen Iverson, the man nicknamed "The Answer," has always had one of the league’s most popular jerseys, but a late signing and a smaller market might have saved retailers and jersey maker Adidas from having to deal with a huge jersey glut.

  • Nets

    It can be argued that no team has had it harder than the New Jersey Nets. They haven’t won a game in 12 tries this year. They don’t have many marketable players. There’s a lack of public transportation to their arena. They’ve fully committed to leaving the market for Brooklyn and they are waiting for a new owner to take power.

  • airline_seat_ad_300.jpg

    No one reads newspapers anymore, everyone speeds through commercials on their DVRs, and people generally have the attention span of a gnat. What's an advertiser to do to get your attention? Where can marketers hold you captive?

  • Huge demand is every consumer products-maker's fantasy; the nightmare is when shortages from high demand results in shortages that drive consumers to your rivals.

  • Social media platforms Facebook and Twitter have no doubt revolutionized the way people communicate in social settings, and now Salesforce is trying to bring those same tools into the workforce.

  • redstone_sumner2.jpg

    Since Sumner Redstone split up CBS and Viacom, the two companies have had an increasingly acrimonious relationship.

  • Airplane Takeoff

    If you've been dreaming about heading down to Miami in February, crossing your fingers that your team will make it to the Super Bowl, you just might want to check the airfare.

  • kluckr_200.jpg

    Restaurant reviews by food category have been around for ages, but one man is betting that sports fans, or anyone for that matter, aren't satisfied with the information about chicken wing establishments.

  • MGM Studios

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer said it's considering a sale or a merger as it evaluates "strategic options," raising the question: what does this mean for the future of the industry?

  • wie_michelle_win_200.jpg

    In October 2005, Michelle Wie was the talk of the world. This teenage golfer would not only beat the women, she would one day beat the men, we were told.

  • Robert Iger

    Disney's fourth quarter top and bottom line results beat Wall Street analyst expectations. Net income grew 18 percent on four percent higher revenue, despite some tough comparisons with last year's summer quarter, when the economic downturn had yet to fully hit the theme parks. Right after Disney's earnings call I sat down with CEO Bob Iger to hear about what's driving the company's growth and what's holding it back.

  • pawn_stars_200.jpg

    Those who catch the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto fight this weekend might be surprised by the presence of one of the fight’s sponsors. It’s a HISTORY reality show called "Pawn Stars," which has bought its way into the bout.

  • LeBron James

    Last night, after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat, LeBron James said he was planning to switch his number from 23 to 6, out of respect for Michael Jordan, who happened to be sitting courtside for the game.

  • unequal_tech_200.jpg

    More than 30 years ago, the folks at DuPont brought Kevlar to the market -- a lightweight, shock absorber that's most identified with bulletproof vests and car bumpers. Over the years, its applications have gotten more creative, but one company called Unequal Technologies is relying on the material to change how sports are played.

  • The midnight debut of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" lived up to expectations. Early this morning Activision/Blizzard reported that the game sold about 4.7 million copies, in North America and the United Kingdom Alone.

  • Disney

    Tom Staggs, the company's long-time Chief Financial Officer, will become Chairman of the Parks and Resorts division. The chairman of the Parks and Resorts division, Jay Rasulo will take his role of Chief Financial Officer.

  • boise_broncos2.jpg

    The age-old rule is that if you want to raise money, you have to give away something. For sports teams, this manifests itself in many forms, including personal seat licenses, and in the case of college sports, better seat locations or closer access to the program.