Media Advertising

  • Ticketmaster

    Music fans around the world have a love-hate relationship Ticketmaster, which provides a seemingly infinite variety of live events, at a cost. Now the company is feeling the impact of the recession.

  • Michael Vick

    For every action, there is a reaction. Here are the winners and losers from Michael Vick signing with the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • With a press conference coming on Friday morning, we're now assuming Michael Vick's first recorded words out of prison will come with an Eagles banner behind him.

  • NFL Blackouts

    NFL fans are very familiar with the blackout rule. If a team doesn’t sell out a game, fans in the area –- within a 75-mile radius of the stadium –- don’t get to see the game on their local television station or on DirecTV.

  • Finally there's progress in Hollywood's push to enter China. The WTO issued a 460 page ruling that demands that the Chinese government ease its restrictions, and among other things allow U.S. content companies to work with any distributors, not just those controlled by the government.

  • Nets Matchup

    Marketing opposing players has long been a practice in the NBA, at least for the last 20 years when Michael Jordan started filling up arenas across the country. But never has a team sold an opponent more than the New Jersey Nets will this upcoming season.

  • Warner Brothers

    In Hollywood when something works, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. This summer that proven trend is movies based on toys. Now Warner Bros. is trying its hand at turning the beloved Lego brand into a movie. Lego has turned down several movie ideas in the past, but now it's agreed to work with Warner Bros. which is developing a family-friendly comedy adventure, that's a mix of live action and animation set in the Lego world.

  • Man watches home theater televisions at the Best Buy

    Retailers, hurt by the weak economy, have been treating consumers to some sweet deals, but this one goes down in the record book as too good to be true. Shoppers who logged on to Best Buy's Web site this morning thought they snagged the deal of the century, but none of the customers will receive the $9.99 flat-screen TV they thought they bought.

  • Michael Jordan signed jersey.

    Michael Jordan collectors have seen plenty hit the market, from game-used shoes to jerseys. But one of the most amazing pieces is set to go up for auction in time for Jordan's entrance into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame next month.

  • RealNetworks

    Score one for the movie studios in their ongoing battle to fight digital piracy and protect intellectual property.

  • CBS

    Media giant CBS beat the Street when it reported earnings of 8 cents a share last week, but its net profit is down more than 90 percent on the year. So why have CBS shares skyrocketed?

  • NIKE Air Max LeBron VII

    Last week in Akron, when LeBron James unveiled the Air Zoom LeBron VII, he expressed his happiness with his decision to sign with Nike in May 2003.

  • The battle between the ad giants and the tech giants - Microsoft and Google - is really heating up. Publicis spacer, one of the world's biggest ad agencies, shelled out $530 million for Microsoft's interactive Razorfish.

  • The Green Monkey

    At tonight’s Fasig-Tipton yearling sale in Saratoga, a colt called On A Storm could sell for more than $2 million. It’s a number would certainly get attention, especially in this economy. But that’s nothing compared to what happened at an auction at Calder Race Course in Florida exactly 1,260 days ago.

  • lions_gate_logo.jpg

    Lionsgate wowed Wall Street with higher fiscal first quarter results than the same quarter last year that easily beat Wall Street Estimates.

  • vick_michael_escorted.jpg

    Given the baggage he comes with, Michael Vick’s public relations strategy is as important as his skill on the field. I obviously haven’t seen how the years out of the game have affected the spiral on his ball, but whoever is handling his comeback from a media standpoint, if there is anyone who is even doing that, is failing miserably.

  • We're live all day from the Fasig-Tipton Selected Yearling sale, where we're getting a barometer on the mood of the horse business. And now, here with two CNBC.com exclusive interviews.

  • Apple iPhone 3G S

    The early days of iPhone applications resemble the early days of the Internet. Media companies know they need to have an app for the iPhone, and so they are creating appealing ones that are loaded with features.  Yet, as with the Web, it is far from clear how much revenue media apps for the iPhone can produce.

  • Magazines

    Just as newspapers have begun to sell ads on the front pages of sections, magazines are selling space on or inside front covers.

  • On A Storm

    I'm here in Saratoga at the Fasig Tipton Selected Yearling Sale, which takes place tonight and tomorrow. It's basically the top 235 one-year-olds at auction.