Four ways to conquer fear

Adjusting your mindset can help you overcome fear. Learn how a pro does it.

Geoffrey James author of the upcoming book Business Without the Bullsh*t, shares four ways he has overcome fear.

  1. Be courageous: If you cling to playing it safe, you can't take the big leaps forward. Make a conscious decision to value courage.
  2. Balance being fearless with prudence: Get rid of irrational and unreasonable fears but use sound judgment so that you're not reckless.
  3. Use fear as motivation: When fear is outside your control -- like an economic downturn -- use it to spark the development of an action plan.
  4. Emphasize the excitement of fear: Have you ever done something really adventurous? You're both fearful and excited at the same time. Focus on the thrill and fun of the adventure will distract you from feeling of fear that stops you.

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