Improve your leadership skills by doing good

Serving on a nonprofit board isn’t just a great way to give back. It’s an excellent way to develop valuable leadership skills.

Integrating nonprofit work into your life is not only rewarding, it can also make you more effective professionally.

You learn the value of gathering perspectives from a range of stakeholders.This can make you a more insightful problem solver, such as when you are designing products and services to meet the needs of a diverse market.

Nonprofit boards make decisions among peers by building consensus.This is very different than being the boss who has the ultimate decision-making power. Knowing how to arrive at decisions among equals can be important if you build alliances and partnerships with other companies.

Service on a nonprofit board broadens your perspective, helps you to build connections with peers and role models, and gives you the opportunity to mentor or be mentored by others. And, yes, sometimes it even leads to valuable business relationships.

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