Building a customer-centric organization

To create a winning customer experience, take a page from the London 2012 Olympic Games’ playbook.

In their report, Customer-centricity: Embedding it into your organisation's DNA, global consulting firm Deloitte examined how LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012) developed a model of customer-centricity that businesses could learn from. Some key takeaways:

Empower your front line: Some decisions can't wait — not if you want to satisfy your customers immediately. LOCOG lowered the need to escalate certain types of decision making, allowing front-line staff to make decisions that would improve the spectator experience as issues came up.

Understand your customers and personalize their experience: Customer profile data associated with ticket sales put LOCOG in a position to provide detailed travels plans to customers based on zip code — and even plan food offerings based on the mix of backgrounds, preferences and eating habits.

Use customer feedback to drive rapid improvements: LOCOG implemented a customer insight strategy that allowed them to identify and prioritize customer feedback from both venues and social media channels within hours. Feedback was passed to venue managers at the start of each day to make operational changes in near real-time.

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